Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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Chairmans Report 2014

24 MARCH 2014
MEETINGS. These are held at Stonebroom Pavilion every month except August. Members of the public attend and may participate during the appropriate part of the Agenda. The Minutes of Parish Council Meetings are made available to the public in the following places:- Post Offices in the Parish, at Mickley and Stonebroom Community Centres, in the Shirland Village Hall and on the notice boards in Shirland, Stonebroom and Higham. Minutes of past meetings are available to members of the public at a charge of £2.50 per set.
COUNTY COUNCIL. The County Councillor for our Parish lives in Wessington.
DISTRICT COUNCIL. Three District Councillors represent the Parish.
POLICE. PC Phil Parkin retired last year and a new Officer has replaced him in the Parish. Our thanks go to PC Parkin for his service to our parish and for working alongside PCSO Gary Green and PCSO Laura McLuckie. The team work hard with Councillors and Neighbourhood Watch groups to reduce crime, vandalism and nuisance.
ROADS AND TRAFFIC. The road surfaces in our Parish are in a terrible state again with large pot holes and worn out surfaces. We were promised by our County Councillor last year that the pot holes and surfaces would be repaired. The Parish Clerk has written to Derbyshire County Council requesting the repairs, but only small, quick fix repairs have been carried out. Our County Councillor fails to attend our meetings with no apologies or communication. This limits our ability to voice our concerns about the state of our roadways.
REPRESENTING THE PARISH COUNCIL. On Remembrance Day in November 2013 I laid a wreath on behalf of Parishioners at Stonebroom Church and Councillor Brown did likewise at Shirland Church. We were very proud to represent the Parish.
PLANNING. As I am Ward Member and Vice Chair of planning for NEDDC, I do represent our Parish on all of our planning concerns.
PARISH SCHOOLS. The schools continue to perform very well. The Parish Council’s only concern is the lack of school signage to warn motorists on the A61 of the location of the Shirland School. Cars are using Park Lane at speed and the Parish Council is lobbying Derbyshire County Council to correct this situation. Parents are collecting signatures on a petition and the school management supports them in this.
STONEBROOM CHRISTMAS FAIR Mrs George, Headteacher at Stonebroom Nursery and Primary School, was happy to be involved with the local community and opened our Christmas fair in December 2013, which was held on the sports ground. The stalls selling a variety of goods were popular as were the fair rides and hot food and drinks.
The schoolchildren were a delight, as were the church choir and Shirland Junior Brass Band as they performed carols for us at the fair.
STONEBROOM CARNIVAL. The Carnival parade was very colourful and well attended as it progressed through Stonebroom. The procession passed The Bungalows then on to the Parish Sportsground where a full day of entertainment took place. The day was enjoyed by many people. My thanks go to the Carnival Committee for their excellent organization of events and for the way they encouraged the community to get involved.
SHIRLAND FESTIVAL DAY. This was well attended in 2013. It was a very windy day, but there was plenty of entertainment for the children and adults to enjoy. Shirland also held a ‘lighting up’ event with a walk around the village and entertainment at the hall including a fire-eater and fireworks.
SHIRLAND VILLAGE HALL. The Village Hall Management Committee has continued to carry out the day to day running of the Hall, for which the Council is appreciative. The levelling out of the event field has been a great success.
MICKLEY VILLAGE HALL. This is used by several groups including youth clubs and the Parish is very grateful to the people who give up their time to make the facility work.
MICKLEY PROJECT. The project is still on course to be started in 2014. Funds are still being sourced for the completion of the project on the Parish grounds at Mickley. The sports ground is maintained by the Parish team and caretaker who also mow Shirland Village Hall grounds.
STONEBROOM COMMUNITY CENTRE. This facility is well used and the committee has found it a pleasure to work with a variety of groups from our community.
STONEBROOM RECREATION GROUND. Parish Council is trustee of the CISWO land in Stonebroom, which is a wooded area maintained by the Council for the pleasure of people who wish to walk and exercise their dogs.
PARISH SPORTSGROUND. The Pavilion and grounds are put to good use by groups who take advantage of the facilities. The play area is well used and appreciated by local children. The caretaker takes responsibility for general tidying up of the site and maintenance.
The ride-on mower purchased for maintenance at the Stonebroom and Shirland sports grounds continues to help reduce maintenance costs from NEDDC by approximately 50%.
GRANTS. Parish Council was pleased to help two of our Parishioners who are disabled and reliant on power wheelchairs. Councillors raised funds to replace their old style chairs with more modern ones. I am pleased to report they are now in possession of the new chairs.
£1,385.00 in total was gifted in S137 grants. This figure was divided between several groups.
SOCIAL INCLUSION. At these events, organized by Councillor Nigel Dawes, soup and a bread roll were provided for senior citizens at the Stonebroom Community Centre and Pavilion. The lunches were enjoyed and appreciated by those who attended. It was an opportunity for the elderly to meet Police Officers and representatives of Rykneld Homes.
TREES. Parish Council continues its policy of implementing Tree Preservation Orders within the Parish and is opposed to any unnecessary felling of trees. Mr Nigel Key is the designated Tree Warden who holds a watching brief throughout the Parish.
CEMETERY. There were 19 burials during the past year. The Parish Council realised some time ago that our cemetery was running out of burial plots, therefore, Parish has purchased for approximately £28,000 more land to the rear of our existing cemetery. The cemetery is run by our Parish and well maintained by our groundsman, which pleases families visiting the cemetery. Our Parish Clerk oversees the management of the cemetery and a small profit was achieved this year.
FOOTPATHS AND BRIDLEWAYS. The Council reports problems to the appropriate authority to ensure that paths are preserved and usable by walkers. Landowners are reminded of their responsibilities with regard to fences, hedges, trees and stiles. Parish needs to ensure all paths are usable due to the 2012 legislation. Councillors and Parishioners are encouraged to assist in this activity.
GRIT AND DOG WASTE BINS. Parish Council has distributed grit and extra bins around the Parish. As Parish Councillors filled the bins themselves the cost has been kept low. DCC charge around £1000.00 for one fill, so a good saving has again been made. Dog waste bins are well used, the cost for servicing of these is met by the Parish and we have installed extra bins this year. NEDDC are the Authority responsible for monitoring dog fouling and the prosecution of irresponsible owners. A number of new rubbish bins have also been installed.
ALLOTMENTS. The Parish Council has allotments at Mickley and Stonebroom. The annual charge for each allotment is to increase to £15.00.
FIDLER AND LAVERACK CHARITIES. The Trustees continue to administer the small sums of money possessed by these Charities. From time to time, when funds allow, grants are made in keeping with the terms of the bequest.
PRECEPT. The money received by this Council has not been increased now for four years, however, the Council Tax has risen and will show more being taken for us. That is because the Government has cut the subsidy and the District Council has had to raise the Council Tax in order to remain the same.
…and finally Parish Meetings 1914..
As 1914 saw the onset of the First World War there is no quote from Parish Records for that year as meeting notes were brief.