Thursday, June 26, 2014
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Stonebroom is the largest settlement in the Parish.  Of the 5000 people in the Parish, some 2000 live in Stonebroom.

  The village was for the most part created to house miners from the nearby collieries, but with the closure of the pits it is now essentially a rural community with little work available.  It has a primary school with an excellent reputation, St Peter’s Church, a Methodist chapel, a community centre, a village hall for senior citizens, a doctors’ surgery and pharmacy, an estate shop, a Chinese takeaway and an industrial estate.  The large estate of social housing managed by Rykneld Homes, together with several groups of old people’s bungalows, constitute most of the housing stock of the village.  Stonebroom is the location of the Parish Sportsground and Pavilion, together with a Multi-Use Games area, tennis courts and a state of the art children’s play area.  There is also a wooded area known as the Recreation Ground which is held in trust by the Parish Council for the people of Stonebroom.